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dave davis"I choose Farm Bureau because this is the only insurance company I know that has taken care of my family for as long as I can remember. I feel confident that Farm Bureau will do anything in their power to take care of the client. I feel privileged to become part of a company that truly values their agents, employees, and most importantly, their clients"

- Amanda Kugler, Agent Website

dave davis"The reason I choose Farm Bureau is because we don't focus on just one line of business. We are a multi line company which allows us to cover all our clients’ needs. Plus we are only in Michigan which means we only focus on what happens in Michigan."

- Carlos Lozano, Agent Website


birthday fireworks

    Joe Gabriele - 10/1

    Margaret Dziadziola - 10/3

    Ben Osborne - 10/6

    Diana Griswold - 10/8

    Shawn Pipoly - 10/12

    Teri Johnson - 10/20

    Rick Schneider - 10/20

    Lenore Pichler - 10/24

    Syed Rob - 10/24

    Sal Yaldo - 10/28

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Nancy Miller - Wixom

Shelly Smith – Northville


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    Ron Hicks - 44 yrs

    Kevin Klemet - 26 yrs

    Gino Conedera - 16 yrs

    Brian Lane - 16 yrs

    Sal Yaldo - 12 yrs

    Sue Abro - 11 yrs

    Diane Rzeppa - 11 yrs

    Maria Borka - 7 yrs

    Lisa Vilella - 7 yrs

    Kevin Oliver - 6 yr

    Ben Osborne - 6 yrs

    Mark Anderson - 5yrs

    John Kennedy - 5 yrs

    Amanda Kuglar - 5yrs

    Sally Roberts - 5 yrs

    Kelsey Starr - 5 yrs

    Dave Tapping - 5 yrs

    Ryan Blanchett - 3yrs

    Abe Rizqalla - 3 yrs

    Rich Schrader - 3 yrs

    Justin Vought - 3 yrs

    Jomar Jackson - 1yr

    Lindsey Orr - 1 yr

    Matt Anstie - 1 yr

    Samantha Goodnight - 1 yr

    Tom Bradley - 1 yr

    Shelley Vogt - 1 yr

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Yearly Trip

Every year, agents have an opportunity to qualify for one of two trips! This on-going tradition is one we are very proud of and we cannot wait to see who qualifies this year!
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2014 trip

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We are rated one of the 50 safest life insurance companies in America
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am best rating

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